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Using Hotmail Service Tips   no comments

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As MSN Hotmail user, you have to know the different functions you can do on your account to maximize the usage. In this article, you will learn how to attach files when sending an email and how to backup your important emails.

How one can Attach Files on Your Email?


There are times that if we email, we have to attach a document. For example, when we are applying for a job position in a company through email you have to also send a soft copy of your resume. That is why as Hotmail account holder, we have to know how to attach a file when emailing. Once you go to sign in page and login, follow the steps below:

  1. Within your account, click the “New” link to jot down a fresh email.
  2. Press the “Attachments” beside the “Insert” link.
  3.  Select the file you simply want to add after which it just click “Open”.
  4.  At this moment you can type in the current email address of the person you need to send the email plus the content of your email.

How you can Export Emails on the PC?

In case you want to have a backup of your emails in your Hotmail account, you can download it on your computer. How? These are the steps:


  1. You ought to first login with your account.
  2. From then on, see your inbox and check the emails from your inbox you choose to wish to export.
  3.  Well then, towards the top of the page, press the “Print” link. You will find the latest windows that should pop-up as well as the dialog box to the printer.
  4. You have to find the “Microsoft XPS Document” and then also click on the “Print”. You would be expected to prefer where you can keep your files. Opt for the place and next click “Save” button.
  5.  Now every one of the emails you may choose is going to be exported in the desktop.


For those who haven’t registered to this service, go now to MSN Hotmail sign up page.

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What is Bank of America?   no comments

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The Bank of America is among the popular and still strong bank in United States. There are about 6,000 branches in 150 countries. The bank is not just trusted in US but also from other countries. If you are planning to open an account in this bank, it might help if you read some information.

How the bank started?
The bank was founded by Amadeo Giannini an Italian American which given its name as “Bank of Italy” in San Francisco in the year 1904. The bank featured the assistance of loans to middle class occupants of America, immigrants and other folks who are rejected with the services from different large banks on that moment. Soon the bank was renamed as “Bank of America”. Then extension of banks, branch openings and acquisitions had taken place.
Why the bank is still strong?
The extraordinary thing about the financial institution can be the capacity to overcome PR difficulties rapidly. The fresh products are created for the users instantly. They are simply exceptional in regards to marketing campaigns. The products similar to “Keep the change” will keep the customers confident on banking. They offer edd card for employees, a reloadable prepaid visa at low cost which can be an alternative for pay checks.


The banking institution has developed their own website precisely where clients can find their way conveniently and organize their very own investment funds, mortgage, money and numerous others. You may transfer money anytime and anywhere you want with just only a few buttons clicked on and info of the route. The new clients can choose online benefits that can help them and stay away from phoning customer services. You can email the banking institution by your account for those who have any issues or concerns.
Why you have to select BOA?

Nevertheless they may have many products over the online website, they should carry out choosing effortlessly and even delivers info about the choices. Simply go through the primary services and you will obtain the alternative if it’s worth the time. For those valued customers, the bank offers a reward catalogue named Easy Rewards.

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