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How to Backup Your Gmail Account   no comments

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Gmail is among the best and chosen email provider in the internet. This is because it offers different kinds of features which are very beneficial to every user. Discover them by signing in on your account at login page. But no matter how good the service, there will be an event that could take which you do not expect. For example, deleting all your important emails on your account accidentally. It might be also you have been hacked. That is why it is best when you can backup all the important details and emails on your Gmail account. How? There are many software and programs you can use which you can store your emails and access them even if they are no longer in your Gmail account. Just continue reading here.


How to Backup Using Client Side?
a. On the upper right hand part within your account page, click the gear link.
b. Next, simply click the Settings, and afterwards Forwarding POP/IMAP.
c. You will need to enable the IMAP and choose the “Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder”. It is underneath the Folder Size Limits.
d. And lastly, make sure you click on “Save Changes”.

 How to Backup using Thunderbird?
a. You ought to download and install first Mozilla Thunderbird on your pc.
b. You also need to create an account.
c. After that, put in your Gmail credentials, the username and password.
d. And lastly, press the Get Mail to download your whole emails.

After you have made the final steps, make sure you read how to use the Gmail client. The instructions can be reviewed at the Google Support page.

How to Backup Using Outlook?
a. Start your Outlook and then browse Tools > Account Settings.
b. Next, select New.
c. Enter the Gmail information you possess, the email address and password.
d. Next, the emails will automatically download on Outlook.

There are many things you can learn here about Gmail. Just click the link.

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How to Sign Up for Hotmail?   no comments

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MSN Hotmail now is among the biggest webmail service which is offered for free. It offers high quality and best service to people. Since they are free, most of their revenue comes from the advertisements on their page. Due to the service they offer, there are about 260 million users of Hotmail. If you do not have your own account, you should register now. The process is just simple and would take only five minutes. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. You can look to the website You can create an account a hotmail account with this web page.
  2.  Now, click the “Sign Up” button. You will be redirected to the page wherein the registration will begin. It’s going to ask about your private information.
  3.  Create your own Hotmail address on the field provided right beside “Windows Live ID”. It can by anything you want which might be quickly kept in mind and a lot more very own to you. One should also check if the email address you prefer is readily available by hitting “Check Availability”.
  4. Then, develop your own personal password on your account. It has to be six characters or more. Just input it in the box presented which states “Password” and then retype in on the next box provided.
  5.  You could also place a different option email address whenever you have and choose the security question to your account. This will be significant if you failed to remember your password. It is possible to transfer it in the alternative mail or answer your security question.
  6. Reply all the personal information questioned within you just like your name, zip code, country, gender and many more.
  7. Key in the captcha provided and mark “I accept” to finish the process of registration.


Log in to Hotmail when you are already done with the registration process and explore your account.

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Online Shopping Using Vanilla Visa Gift Card   no comments

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Vanilla Visa Gift Card is among the unique choice of gift if you want to be appreciated by someone. The card is a safe gift if you do not really know what that person wants. In this way, he or she can shop anything on the card you have given. The gift card can be used in over six million stores in US and District Columbia. It can even be shopped online only to websites belong to the countries mentioned. Shopping online can be fun using your card. There are many choices you can pick. Just follow the steps below on how to shop online using your Vanilla Visa gift card:

  1. You need to check the Vanilla Visa Gift Card balance in the card by going to the website. It’s best to type in the unique number, expiration date and the CVV three digit combination of the card. It is found at the rear of the card quickly after the signature.
  2. When you currently learned the balance, it’s essential to create a account also the card online. In doing this, you can earn a web based payment using the card. Just go within the website published at the rear portion.
  3. When you’re on the internet site, you might go into the card account number and the zip code of the place. With this your protection is priority with this purchase deal.
  4.  Surf to the website in which you want to purchase an item. Pick the merchandise you want to obtain and next just go to the payment page in the website. You will have to type in the account combination of the gift card you own at the text field created. It’s important to supply additionally other private data asked within you.

It is really recommended to register your gift card online, to protect when it is stolen or lost. It is important to check your balance before starting to do some transactions online.

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