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How to Subscribe with Offender Connect?   no comments

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For those who have love ones or friends inside the prison, you can now easily communicate with them through Offender Connect. This is a website made for easy connection between prisoners and someone they know outside. Once you have your own account at, you can online your account and communicate with someone you know. How to have your own account online? Just read the following steps:

What to have in order to get an offender connect account?Offender Connect

  1. You should be prepared to produce some important data like your whole name, email address, mobile number and numerous others.
  2. You really should have your own personal computer and internet connection.


The way to sign up to an offender connect profile?

  1. First, proceed to the Offender Connect web page at When you get to the web page simply click the “Sign Up” URL found at the website.
  2. You must browse first the Terms of Use and whenever you agree with it, press “Accept”.
  3. Complete the info required on the web page like your name, address, mobile number, e-mail address. To accomplish the setting up of your account, it is important to build your personal username and password. You will employ this information whenever you need to sign in at the system.
  4. Pick out which facility shown in the state you are at the moment living with the drop down menu given.
  5. Make certain you evaluate first the information you have provided, if it is suitable then simply just click on “Continue”.
  6. Lastly, look at the inbox of your email coming from Offender Connect. An email containing a link is going to be delivered to you so that you can verify your registration. Then click the link and your account now is build.

Visit the GLT website for more information regarding this service.

Sending Money through TDCJ Inmate   no comments

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If inmates want to buy any products inside the Texas jail, they will need money. You can eventually send cash for your loved ones inside the prison. All you need to do is include the inmate details. In case you don’t know, you can use the TDCJ offender search on their website. There are different ways on how you can send money. Make sure you complete the requirements. What are the requirements? You should include your name and address when sending through mail. You also have to know the first name, last name and the identification number of the offender so that the money will be sent to the inmate’s account.image

  1. Using Mail. You can do a cashier check and money order to the Inmate Trust Fund found in Huntsville, Texas. You can obtain a deposit slip from the offender and then enclose the payment in your mail envelope. You have to send the money to the “Inmate Trust Fund” with the Name and the number. The name will be the prisoner and the number is the prisoner’s account number.
  2. Via Checking Account. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice allows you to send money through depositing in the direct debited checking account. To setup a monthly deposit, just mail a voided check from your account which the money will come from and then fill out the ACH Credit form in the Inmate Trust Fund.
  3. Through Sending Money. You can wire money using Western Union in Texas. There is a limit of how much you can send which is only up to $200. The transfer should be send to the TDCJ Inmate Trust Fund with the code of TDCJ/TX.
  4. Through TDCJ Service Sites. You can find three options in sending the money through TDCJ service sites. Just setup an account for free but there will be a service charge if you are going to send money. You can use TouchPay, MoneyPak and websites. You can use your debit or credit card where the fund will come from.

There are many ways you do TDCJ Inmate search methods to obtain information before you send money to make sure the money is received by the inmate.

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How to Locate Nearby Post Office?   no comments

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Knowing where the nearest post office in your area is is very important. One reason would be you want to send a package to someone from a very far distance. Another would be you want to know when is your package be arriving. And it may also about when will the post office close and what post office holidays they are not catering any services. There are lots of reasons actually and here are the steps on how to locate a post office branch in your place.image 1

a. You have to browse to start with the USPS “Service Locator” webpage.
b.In the page, it’s a must to opt for “Post Office Locations” choices you may see in the “What are you looking for?” drop-down text box.
c. After that, you ought to type your residential address within the field supplied available slightly below the “Near what location?” in the heading of the url page. You may as well have to enter the zip code whenever you are going to look for any nearby post office department from your place.
d. Therefore, select the “Search” symbol. Hang on for the selection of post office divisions as well as its place to displayed on the page. Right after seconds, you will see what offices are around your area.
e. It is easy to hit the name of the postal office you have selected to consult. You will find phone numbers to appear beneath the address, the hours the post office is available for your service and the contact numbers in the right area.
f. Simply phone any contact number you can seek out outlined. If you have an issue in listening to, call the telephone number which is one of the “TTY Service”.
g. Be certain that you are contacting the postal office whenever they are available. The business time depend really on the place and you may discover that info if you click the postal office listed.
It is better to visit USPS website if you want to know if is the post office open on Christmas eve.

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About WV Regional Jail   no comments

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Every crime is punishable by law. If criminals get caught, they will spend their time in a correctional institution where they will be held before their trial like West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. This is a place that secures them because they pose a threat to people. Prison system now is much comfortable than in the past. You can read more info here at

Today, the place is controlled electronically so that inmates cannot go out easily. They are also equipped with facilities such as recreational area, gyms or medical buildings for the prisoner’s benefits. Having area where they can conduct an activity without feeling confined avoids them to create a riot. But these facilities are not for everybody to enjoy.image 3

There are different types of charges that inmates acquired and some of them are not fit to socialize with other prisoners. There are murderers who have psychological problems with many human being around. They are kept in a place called supermax prisoners and treated by physicians of the correctional. This is for the safety of other prisoners too,

This is the best about West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority since they have their own medical facilities. In case someone get sick or in need of treatments, there are doctors and psychologist who will be there to assist them. The place is complete for any health problems and does not need for prisoners to transfer in a hospital.

For more information about the institution, you can visit their website. You can get their details about visiting hours in case you want to visit a person. There is also other wvrja information about the place. You can also read about the goal and vision of the place for you to understand what they aim for their prisoners, employees and all people involved in the institution.

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