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If your company is using Securitas ePay, it is important to know how to use the system. It is very easy eventually. But for beginners, it might be important to know the different usage of features. In this way, you can fully use all the system’s feature. Here is the first guide to using

To start with, you should have the following details:

  • You also require a computer with an internet connection. The computer must be linked to the intranet of the firm. The computer at the work can do the job.
  • When you are among the many payroll officers within the company, you will have the accessibility to the data files of workers.
  • Once you are a usual staff, you could enhance your info while using TALX paperless pay system. You must be on the payroll of your boss. If you are only a temporary, you possibly will not be fit to apply the internet

The second is the way to operate the system:

  • Look at the company’s TALX sub site along with the intranet or at Securitas epay login.
  • Simply input your personal employee user ID and password.
  • Should you are into the page, search for the Main Menu tab. There it is important to find the pay Stub Review at the sub-menu. You will notice with this page earlier up to current payslips you got in the firm.
  • If you desire to make changes in your total payable or perhaps the deposit accounts, you’ll want to select the Direct Deposit Maintenance within the Main Menu.
  • You will find also a sub-menu for W-4 Update. All workers get their very own connection with this This is often to enable them to supply the name, address and also the personal information for the tax details.
  • In the event you prefer to see the reports regarding your reports, commissions, work schedules and other more, it is easy to look at the eReports located also at the Main Menu.

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