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How to Backup Your Gmail Account   no comments

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Gmail is among the best and chosen email provider in the internet. This is because it offers different kinds of features which are very beneficial to every user. Discover them by signing in on your account at login page. But no matter how good the service, there will be an event that could take which you do not expect. For example, deleting all your important emails on your account accidentally. It might be also you have been hacked. That is why it is best when you can backup all the important details and emails on your Gmail account. How? There are many software and programs you can use which you can store your emails and access them even if they are no longer in your Gmail account. Just continue reading here.


How to Backup Using Client Side?
a. On the upper right hand part within your account page, click the gear link.
b. Next, simply click the Settings, and afterwards Forwarding POP/IMAP.
c. You will need to enable the IMAP and choose the “Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder”. It is underneath the Folder Size Limits.
d. And lastly, make sure you click on “Save Changes”.

 How to Backup using Thunderbird?
a. You ought to download and install first Mozilla Thunderbird on your pc.
b. You also need to create an account.
c. After that, put in your Gmail credentials, the username and password.
d. And lastly, press the Get Mail to download your whole emails.

After you have made the final steps, make sure you read how to use the Gmail client. The instructions can be reviewed at the Google Support page.

How to Backup Using Outlook?
a. Start your Outlook and then browse Tools > Account Settings.
b. Next, select New.
c. Enter the Gmail information you possess, the email address and password.
d. Next, the emails will automatically download on Outlook.

There are many things you can learn here about Gmail. Just click the link.

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Gmail for Your Business   no comments

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Many are not aware that Gmail can also be used in business as your email carrier. But eventually this webmail service has features that enable enterprise to choose this one among the paid services. You can read more when you go to Gmail login URL now. Yes, there are advantages given by paid email services than the free ones. Fortunately, the Gmail offers what paid services have. What are these? You can read them all below.

  1. It has emphasized the privacy. This webmail provider that is very ideal choice for any enterprise when it comes to secure emailing. It has high security, very flexible when it comes to email solution and keeps your privacy well.
  2. It is reliable when it comes to service. It guarantees you the 99.9% availability all the time and no scheduled down time ever recorded. This won’t keep your business down time too. This is a reliable email service for all busy enterprise company.
  3. It enhances the productivity of the company. Gmail is design for fast working pace companies. In this way, it saves the time and effort for the employees to make other more productive activity from the company. The power search engine tool enables you to search any files and emails needed without hassle.
  4. It can connect everybody on the company. Everyone can be connected easily. You can easily send emails to each department not just through your laptop but as well as to your mobile phone. You can also get updates from your employees through shared files.
  5. It improves the communication inside the company. This webmail service is not just about emails. It also has the text, cha and video chat applications which you can instantly talk to someone.

You can read more Gmail login tip for more information about Gmail being used in business.

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Ways to Create and Use Your Gmail   no comments

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Almost everybody now have their own email address. But many have been taken advantage such as being hacked and credit card and money stolen. Click here if you want to know more about emails. This is because of some negligence and misused accounts. When you are creating and using an email ID, make sure you have done it properly, especially when it’s the email you use for your credit card and bank account savings. How to avoid being scammed?

  1. Make certain that you do have reliable alternative email address. This will be relevant should you want to reset information within your email address. There are specific times that you lost your password or forget about it, make sure that your own second email ID just happens to be secure and reliable.
  2. Go for the risk-free security questions. Due to social network sites, every part with regards to you ends up being public. In the case of security questions, numerous might you know what for the reason that you become an open book to them. So, opt for a question that you will feel others will considerably less take a look at you.
  3. Scan and screen your forwarding addresses. You should definitely assess the emails with regards to credit card info or banking accounts which may carry sly filters. Visit the sending page and see if it is not sent on potential hacker email addresses. Can help you avoid the hackers very next time and also be familiar with their email Ids.
  4. Customers might use SMS alert. Once you wouldn’t like to incorporate alternative email ID or does not have any, this selection is rather handy. You possibly can reset information along with your phone number and reset your password.

Keeping safe your personal details will be in your hands. Though service providers are taking solutions to this problem, it is still best to follow the tips above. Login to your account with precautions now.

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Gmail: How to Create Your Account?   no comments

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As of the moment, communication is never a problem because there are many tools of gadgets we can use to communicate at real time. The computer with internet can be a form of communication through sending and receiving emails.  But of course with the use of webmail provider such as Gmail we can send and receive emails freely.  Google Mail has many features which makes it more popular than others. If you want to know more about the features this webmail service offers, you must have your own account now. If you are ready to sign up, in this blog you can read the simple steps below on how you can create your personal Gmail account.

  1. You have to go to the Gmail website first and locate the “Create an Account” link. Once you found, click it.
  2. On the registration page, you will be asked some personal details. Your first and last name must be provided. Also, you have to think of a unique email address to use. It might be taken from your name or your birthday. Then, create a password which is secured enough. The password must not be easily guessed by others but you can easily remember.  Enter your Birthday and your Gender.  Click here to know more about this step if you are confuse.
  3. It is also optional to put your mobile number for verification purposes. This is if you want to make your account more secured. It’s also an option to put your alternative email address, if you have one.
  4. You can find a Capcha box and must type what is written there. This is another form of security for spammers.
  5. Pick your Location and read the Terms of Service by Google before you tick “I agree”.

Now, after you have done step number five, wait for the confirmation from Google that you have successfully created your account. Once done, you can start now emailing to others. If you want more information read this post, just click the link.

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The Pros of Having Google Mail   no comments

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Long ago, people have been longing to communicate easily. Today, communication now is not a problem. Email is common communication that people use nowadays. There are two types of email providers, the free and the paid ones. Individual people use the free ones because its more economical. Gmail is one of the best examples. There are many pros on creating account in Gmail sign in page and below are few of them.

  • Transferring of email account is effortless. All you have to accomplish is enroll in their sign up page and make your account. It will eventually generally take a couple of minutes to handle the procedure. Then sign in with your account by going to email signing in page. Lastly, you can use copy of contacts and inbox in your existing email account.
  • Gmail has the attribute of power search. Via this selection you can acquire the appropriate email you are searching for within your inbox. Should be you’ve got a large number of emails kept, it could be easy for you to get that particular vital emails when necessary.
  • Everywhere you travel your account can be obtained. You could access you account anywhere you may be at any time you desire provided you have the gadget and web connection. One could open your Gmail making use of your laptop, desktop, tablet or possibly with your phone.
  • The storage area is limitless. You may store many emails as long as you want. You don’t need to remove any emails which you simply feel is very important or possesses a essential meaning to you. You can also make many folders which you like.

There are more pros than what is mentioned above. One is that you get the pleasure of using other Google products without difficultness with Gmail, You can discover more when you create your account now.


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Methods of Changing Email ID on Facebook   no comments

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Suddenly you feel changing your email address on Facebook. Maybe for a reason that you want something new on your account. But the problem is you do not know how your way on the website because you are not a computer genius. Do not worry since you can the process over the internet or on the Facebook website. You can look at this link,, for some guide. If you don’t know how to research, you are lucky reading this article. Just continue reading and bear in mind every step of this article.

  1. Login to your account and click the arrow on the top right part of the page. A dropdown menu will show and then choose the Account Setting.
  2. When you are on the page, click the edit link on the Email part of the Account Setting.
  3. Next, click the Add Another email link so you can add the new email address you wish to use soon.
  4. You can now type the new email ID you have come up on the textfield. Click the Save Changes button to save what you have entered.
  5. The page will ask for the password of your account for security purposes.
  6. An email notification will be sent to your new entered email address to confirm that you have made the changes. It indicates that you can now use it.
  7. In case you cannot login, do not ever create another account because it’s a violation on the Terms of Use on Facebook.
  8. You can also use your old email ID even if you have created a new one.

Still do not have an email? Go to gmail sign in page where you can create your own email and create your Facebook account. It is really very easy task.

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