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Managing employees is really hard, especially when there are thousands of them. That is why JCPenney Employee Kiosk was made. This is to cater the HR needs that needs a lot of time in managing and processing all types of information related to employees. Now, there are lots of big companies using this system incorporated in their company to provide the solution they are looking for in having different employees from different

Way to Access JCPenney Associate Kiosk

To access the website, make sure you are an employee of JC Penney or immediate family with a registered username and password. Just visit the link at You can check your own employment details and any records. The website also offers special discounts to the employee when shopping online. If in case you have trouble logging in or forgot your details, you have to ask your store manager about it.

What is the main purpose of the website?

There are many purposes of the website. An employee can view his or her benefits on the website. You can also view your schedule shifts, view your pay slips, request leave or anything about your employment. You can access the website at home, as long as you have your own username and password.

What is the benefit of JCPenney Kiosk?

Centralizing the employee information of the company is the main benefit of this website. Both sides experience this benefit. For the employers, it is the website where they can get resourcing regarding the present and past employees they have. For the employees, they can access not only their payroll information but as well as their health benefits and other collaboration tools that are very helpful on their employment.

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