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Did you receive a visa gift card in Christmas? This gift card can be used to pay on whatever item you wish to buy. As long as the stores accept debit visa card, then you can present this card as a form of payment. You can also register this card online. In this way you can reload or view the gift card balance of your card. How? Just read the instructions below:

Gift cards on white background

Gift cards on white background

  1. First part is to visit their webpage at You can also buy Mastercard Mygiftcardsite. When you are directed to the homepage of the site, you will notice on the page on the upper part the “Manage your gift card”. Beneath that title, you will observe 2 text field that you need to fill out along with your username and password.
  2. Next to the sign in system box, you will find the card number and security text field. Don’t trouble yourself in keying in that information because the website is safe and secured.
  3. Simply enter your card number and code on the area supplied. You may see your card number at the face of the card.
  4. After you are done answering the card information, just proceed to the next phase shown in the web page. Be sure to fill out the data requested from the
  5. Make sure you don’t contain a pop-up blocker in the browser you are utilizing. You will have more details expected to you which will only display on a pop-up page. This is why verify first your browser and make sure pop-ups aren’t
  6. Finally, whenever you are completed enrolling, you can now organize your account. You can either look at the balance anywhere you desire.

You can also buy Starbucks gift card at the website if you are a coffee lover for you to use the gift card at the store.

Written by admin on January 4th, 2016

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