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The Home Depot had grown with lots of retail stores as vendor in United States, Mexico and Canada. For small businesses, you are welcome to apply in this company. In this way, you can be a vendor and your product shall be extended to clients. Visit the website for more info. How can you become a vendor? Here are the steps:image2

  1. Before you sign in to any application in Home Depot or in mythdhr, it is recommended that you conduct a research for a corporate website and compare your product. Make sure your product provide a solution to what the needs of the company. Also know if your product has the best quality, less expensive and can greatly help the customers.
  2. Being a vendor in Home Depot, you need to do two processes. First, you need to fill out the registration questionnaire online, supply the federal tax number, Bradstreet and Dun number. You also have to provide the ownership of the company, its number of employees, location and the facilities. You will be provided with username and password after the registration. This information will be sent on your email. You can now complete the process of vendor application.
  3. The Home Depot conducts all application process online. You may not need to present for the company. But it is best when you can upload catalogue links, photos, slide-show presentation or service license. These may help in your application.
  4. Your application will take about 60 days before you know if you become a vendor in Home Depot. On the screening period, expect that the buyer may ask additional information about your business through email. They may also request samples of your product. Approved applications will be assigned to a buyer representative. Those who are not approved may reapply six months after.

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