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There are so many on-demand online streaming websites which you can find over the internet but people in United States and Europe use Netflix. It is one of the most popular website where you can watch movies and TV shows online. It also offers you DVD and Blu-ray discs mailed to your home. Almost all categories of movies can be found in this website. Just go to login page and access your account. The first month of your registration is offered free for you to see if you like the service. All you need is to register your own account now by following the steps below:images

Step 1

Simply go to the Netflix webpage at When you are already inside the web site, you can actually understand the option where you could create the account promptly. You can actually click the “Start Your Free Month” to navigate in the registration web site.

Step 2

Just input the necessary information which happens to be inquired inside the form just like your name, email and password. You could also login employing your Facebook by clicking the “Login with Facebook” URL plus the website will use the credentials to register.


Step 3

You really need to choose the payment way. In case you contain the first month cost-free, your credit card is going to be billed at the outset of the following month since it will think that you will continue the system. Should you not like to spend on the program, it is easy to terminate the registration anytime around the first month. Your card isn’t going to be charged.

Step 4

You can select if you would like limitless DVD rental membership included. It cost $7.99 each month and will be sent personally at your house.

Step 5

You can read at this point a brief welcome from Netflix. In that case, you can actually rate every class of film stated on how often you see it. You will add devices that you will frequently employ to your Netflix account.

There are many Netflix plans to choose which will fit to your wants. Just get to know these plans and what they offer.

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