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Adding SMS Alert for Your Gmail Account   no comments

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You can find many reasons why people are using Gmail. Aside from being offered free, it has features that people can take advantage. If you want to get updated immediately with your emails, you can setup your account that sends an SMS to your mobile number every time someone messages you in your account. This is possible by following the simple steps below.image2

  • To launch the steps, you’ll need to login with your personal Gmail profile on or
  • Press the dropdown menu that shows up and then click the “Mail Settings”.
  •  Additionally, select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” button and after hit “Add a Forwarding Address” website link you will see at the webpage of “Forwarding” position.
  • Put in the number of one’s cellular phone which you use. Key your number from this style You can ask Gmail login help if you are having problem with the process.
  •  Google mail will start to send you a verification email within your phone. You should confirm your digit number is precise. Open up the email on your own phone and next then click the validation link contain at the email. This validation will assist you to Gmail utilize your mobile number as a getaway address to send the email as SMS.
  • You can also customize or filter your emails you like to acquire into your phone. You could add the specific email address split up by comma in the “From:” field. But in case you want to receive all of the emails delivered to you, simply enter your Gmail address within the “To:” field.
  •  You may also use “Create Filter” allowing you to only acquire emails you ought to imagine is vital or meet the standards on your phone.

For those who don’t know how to sign up or having hard time to, just ask Gmail sign up help.

Written by admin on June 25th, 2014

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