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Every crime is punishable by law. If criminals get caught, they will spend their time in a correctional institution where they will be held before their trial like West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. This is a place that secures them because they pose a threat to people. Prison system now is much comfortable than in the past. You can read more info here at

Today, the place is controlled electronically so that inmates cannot go out easily. They are also equipped with facilities such as recreational area, gyms or medical buildings for the prisoner’s benefits. Having area where they can conduct an activity without feeling confined avoids them to create a riot. But these facilities are not for everybody to enjoy.image 3

There are different types of charges that inmates acquired and some of them are not fit to socialize with other prisoners. There are murderers who have psychological problems with many human being around. They are kept in a place called supermax prisoners and treated by physicians of the correctional. This is for the safety of other prisoners too,

This is the best about West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority since they have their own medical facilities. In case someone get sick or in need of treatments, there are doctors and psychologist who will be there to assist them. The place is complete for any health problems and does not need for prisoners to transfer in a hospital.

For more information about the institution, you can visit their website. You can get their details about visiting hours in case you want to visit a person. There is also other wvrja information about the place. You can also read about the goal and vision of the place for you to understand what they aim for their prisoners, employees and all people involved in the institution.

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